Our services

At KWB we leverage our deep expertise across three key issues in the area of education and training:

Project Development & Management
  • Set-up of accredited educational institutions, such as vocational colleges and training centers in various industries (e.g. logistics, mining, ict, media, fashion & design, travel & tourism),
  • Managing public private partnerships to establish a regional infrastructure for life-long-learning,
  • Managing European support programs, e.g. European Social Fund.


Consulting & Educational Services
  • Direct placement programs for various target groups such as graduates, mothers, young migrants, semi-skilled and elderly employees,
  • Workforce recruiting and development tools,
  • Organization of conferences, education fairs, internship exchange programs,
  • Policy advice and feasibility studies.


Certificate & Diploma Programs
  • Production and delivery of high quality vocational and career training tailored to the needs of your company, your country or your region,
  • Placement Package (4 + 8): 4 month theory in class + 8 month job assignment for any vocational subject / occupation,
  • Train the trainer,
  • Blended learning and online distance learning solutions (e.g. media engineering, business administration, e-moderating).


Our clients

  • Government authorities, social partners, chambers of commerce and crafts,
  • Colleges, vocational schools and training institutes,
  • Executives and personnel managers,
  • Employees with a need for training and development,
  • Job-seekers.

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Dr. Alexei Medvedev

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