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Who we are

Founded in 1990 by the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, employer associations, labor unions and the Workforce Development Agency, KWB continually expanded from a local provider of continuing education for the
labor market of Hamburg to a leading specialist managing complex activities in many countries together with global partners in Europe, Asia and the USA.

As a professional provider in the field of continuing education and training KWB is dedicated to improve and enhance skills of today’s workforce with a vast range of educational services. Our main goal is to permanently increase the
employment rate and provide the job market with highly qualified and trained employees. Early awareness of future trends and quick reactions to changing requirements of globally interdependent markets characterize the organization’s work.

Education in every sense is one crucial factor for economic development. No country can achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment in human capital.

KWB is your reliable partner when it comes to the implementation of tailor made solutions in the field of education and training. From policy advice to the
development of workplace based training for the inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups we cover all aspects and teaching methods of life-long-learning.

Our Services

At KWB we leverage our deep expertise across three key issues in the area of education and training:

Project Development & Management

  • Set-up of accredited educational institutions, such as vocational colleges and training centers in various industries (e.g. logistics, mining, ict, media, fashion & design, travel & tourism),
  • Managing public private partnerships to establish a regional infrastructure for life-long-learning,
  • Managing European support programs, e.g. European Social Fund.

Consulting & Educational Services

  • Direct placement programs for various target groups such as graduates, mothers, young migrants, semi-skilled and elderly employees,
  • Workforce recruiting and development tools,
  • Organization of conferences, education fairs, internship exchange programs,
  • Policy advice and feasibility studies.

Certificate & Diploma Programs

  • Production and delivery of high quality vocational and career training tailored to the needs of your company, your country or your region,
  • Placement Package (4 + 8): 4 month theory in class + 8 month job assignment for any vocational subject/occupation,
  • Train the trainer,
  • Blended learning and online distance solutions (e.g. media engineering, business administration, e-moderating).

Our Clients

  • Government authorities, social partners, chambers of commerce and crafts,
  • Colleges, vocational schools and training institutes,
  • Executives and personnel managers,
  • Employees with a need for training and development,
  • Job-seekers.


I know you can (in cooperation with Eleos-Ukraine): The goal of the project is the resocialization of women affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, including Crimean Tatar women.

I know you can - a project about women, their happiness and their future. Many different stories, but one thing unites them: the desire for change.

The project contributes to the social empowerment of, among others, Muslim women in Ukraine. In detail, it is about support in the areas of business start-up and financial literacy through mentoring. The project regions are Kiev, Dnipro, Kherson, Chernivtsi, Liviv and Odessa, since 2019.

The participants of "I know you can" in Kiev. The results of the training were 35 well thought-out business plans from motivated women who want to change their lives.


Fit for China (Hamburg, Shanghai): Excecutive-Internship-Program between Hamburg and Shanghai to strengthen trade relations between Chinese and German businesses, intercultural trainings and placements of young managers,
together with Shanghai Economic Management College, 2008–2019.

KWB conducts customized training programs for managers and vocational school teachers in China. In 2016, KWB trained more than 600 participants in Hangzhou, Jinhua and Qingdao.

Member of various business-delegations organized by the German Ministry of Education and Research to Saudi-Arabia, Oman and the UAE to promote German vocational education and continuing education with special focus on
educating women, 2013.

GENEV German Education Network for Employability in Vietnam: Transfer of vocational education and workplace based training to Vietnam according to standards of the German the dual system, industries: food, electronics, logistics, ICT, and media, set-up of a German-Vietnamese Academy for logistic professionals together with VISTCO College Thanh Hoa, 2010–2012.

The German Education Network for Employability (GENEV) was a network of German vocational training providers with the aim of exporting training "Made in Germany" to Vietnam.


Build_Europe internship program (Leonardo da Vinci Mobility): placement of 17 graduates from Macerata (Italy) in German companies in the sector of architecture and civil engineering, April–December 2012.

Development and successful implementation of a market entry strategy for MIBRAG Braunkohle AG in Vietnam: setup of German-Vietnamese a training center in cooperation with VINACOM Business School for the education of
mining professionals, 2011.

ETEQ Environmentally-friendly technologies and European Qualifications (Leonardo da Vinci Mobility): Organization of a 4 day study visit in Hamburg involving an Italian delegation of representatives of an employers association,
entrepreneurs, human resources managers and vocational training program planners from the building and refrigeration sector, December 2011.


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Online learning

The software Class facilitates teaching in virtual and hybrid spaces for teachers as well as learners. As a reseller of Class, KWB offers free live presentations and consulting sessions. Feel free to contact us!